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Wreck The Rebel – “Tree House” (prod. by Musikal)

#TeamKonQuest invites us to once again explore the vivid world created by @WreckTheRebel as we embark on a journey, beyond the cosmos, to the “Tree House”- a realm of escape inhabited by cohorts and colleagues alike.

Produced by Musikal, “Tree House” is a darkly entertaining and hypnotic perspective on the early life and struggles faced by the California-bred emcee, #WreckTheRebel. Listeners are taken on an incredible audible journey, packed with hilarious punchlines and creative metaphors.

Family problems and situational travesties take a center focus in “Tree House”. Wreck The Rebel illustrates the compelling necessity to escape mounding hardships, before the harsh reality of mundane adulthood extinguishes the flame of child-like creativity and freedoms.

Take a moment and stream “Tree House” and allow Wreck The Rebel and TeamKonQuest to help free you from your current confines.

lyrics: https://genius.com/Wreck-the-rebel-tree-house-lyrics

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17 August 2017 Music Read more

KonQuest (VerseBorn x Wreck The Rebel) ft. STP & J.Morgan – “NOP” (prod. by Wreck The Rebel)

The @KonQuestNow camp teams up with the Bay Area heavy hitter, J.Morgan to bring us “NOP (No One’s Perfect)”, a soulful banger produced by Wreck The Rebel, dropping gems with the notion that although “perfection is unattainable, if we chase it we catch excellence.”

“NOP”, featuring the smooth vocal talents of STP on the hook, is an upbeat classic highlighting the fact that we are all humans “here for a purpose to learn and live”. Many of us are waging wars while conquering our own demons, and J.Morgan expresses vividly how ones imperfections often etch out the unique characteristics that sets us apart from one another.

The #TeamKonquest duo, @WreckTheRebel and @VerseBorn, extrapolate ideals showing us that knowing our limitations and realizing that perfection itself is often way out of reach, should never deter one from striving to become the best possible version of themselves.

Take a listen to “NOP” and remember that sometimes on the journey through life, its better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly.

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Konquest-nop-no-ones-perfect-lyrics

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9 August 2017 Music Read more

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