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Tree House – Wreck The Rebel

Tree House – Wreck The Rebel

Label: KonQuest Now

Release date: August 15, 2017

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#TeamKonQuest invites us to once again explore the vivid world created by Wreck The Rebel as we embark on a journey, beyond the cosmos, to the “Tree House”- a realm of escape inhabited by cohorts and colleagues alike.

Produced by Musikal, “Tree House” is a darkly entertaining and hypnotic perspective on the early life and struggles faced by the California-bred emcee, Wreck The Rebel. Listeners are taken on an incredible audible journey, packed with hilarious punchlines and creative metaphors.

Family problems and situational travesties take a center focus in “Tree House”. Wreck The Rebel illustrates the compelling necessity to escape mounding hardships, before the harsh reality of mundane adulthood extinguishes the flame of child-like creativity and freedoms.

Take a moment and stream “Tree House” and allow Wreck The Rebel and TeamKonQuest to help free you from your current confines.

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Wreck-the-rebel-tree-house-lyrics



Tree House
Wreck The Rebel